Sunday, August 5, 2012

Waking or running burn more fat?

Does walking burn more fat than running?

The body is designed to burn greater percentages of fat at lower 
intensities of exercise. 

We also tend to burn more fat during exercise that takes a long time to do. This is why some fitness experts  recommend walking for those trying to lose weight. While it is true that we burn greater percentages of fat at lower intensities, we also  burn fewer  calories—and calories are the real key to weight loss. People should be more focused on calories than fat used during exercise. Most people can walk farther than they can run so if you can walk for an hour, you've burned more calories than somebody who only ran for 10 minutes. Most people should not worry
about fat burning because of this fact. Sleeping burns the most fat. This is because of what I said above – we burn more fat at lower intensities of activity. It doesn't get any lower than sleeping does it? Forget about fat and focus on calories!

For people who are very overweight, have medical issues or are new to exercise, lower intensities of exercise, like walking, are best.